Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz

Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz

Book: Eagle Strike
Author: Anthony Horowitz
Review Written by Luka Clark
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It is just as good as all the other Alex Rider books. It’s full of daring escapes, clever gadgets and a well-constructed plot.

Plot Outline:

This book is about a young teenage spy, who has to stop all sorts of crime. In this particular book he has to stop Yassen Gregorovich, a man who wants to hijack and use the Air Force nuclear missile systems to blow up various countries that are involved in drug trade, in a deadly attempt to stop drug trade forever.

Recommended Age Group: 10 to 14
Rating: 9/10
Average Rating: 8/10

Sources: Image from Wikipedia, all rights go to Anthony Horowitz and his publishers at Walker Books.

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