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The Huanui College library is expanding into a beautiful space with a variety of exciting new stories.
This blog is dedicated to delivering book reviews from school students. We also supply library news, like upcoming events or newly purchased novels. So stay tuned, as more book reviews get uploaded!

What began as a small room with a few shelves of donated books is growing. With the addition of a multitude of new, modern furniture in bold shades the library turned into a brighter and comfier area.
New series were added to its shelves, such as teen novels like Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Cherub, Alex Rider, Harry Potter, Divergent, to quick read series like Deltora Quest, Zac Power, Princess Diaries and Animorphs.
With this upgrade to the library came a wave of new student librarians, whose job it is to catalogue new publications, check out books and help any other students in the library. They are all book lovers who work hard to ensure that the library is a good place for students.
With these exciting new books added to our library come the need for book reviews. Reviewers are both avid readers and skilled writers, who will create extensive and informative book reviews that capture their feelings and thoughts on new books.

Thank you so much!
Thank you to Mrs Dainty, the teacher who's putting in so much to bring this library to life. Thank you to the student librarians, who take time out of their own lunches to help students and develop the love of reading. Thank you to our writers, who spill their thoughts and ideas into their reviews. And finally, thanks to you, the person reading this right now!

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